October 3, 2007

Hey hey… a new blog entry? I thought he was dead. Oh no… I just got back to Ouaga from almost three months of festival-going in the rest of West Africa (stories soon… one hopes), and I thought I’d celebrate my one-year-in-Africa anniversary with some pictures from some other festivals I hit in Burkina (admittedly several months ago). These were all shot with my the dinky video camera that I bring when I don’t want my HD baby to get hurt. It also has a still picture function, which I’ve started using when I sense that I might run out of video. Often it really sucks, but every once in a while, it spits out a gem.

First off, a Bwa leaf mask festival:
Mamou 1

Mamou 2

An annual funerary festival at a Nunama village:
Zamo 1

Zamo 2

A typically rowdy Bobo village annual funeral:
Banankelindara 3

Banankelindara 1
These impressive whirling masks are called wankrs, but I’m far to mature to draw attention to that fact.

Banankelindara 2

Another Bobo funeral, this time in the dramatic hilltop village of Koro:
Koro 1
Look closely to see the kid being held aloft in the center there.
That’s right… Circle of freaking LIFE.

Koro 3

Koro 2

A Bwa funeral (apparently the dancers here were all amateurs):
Pa 1

Pa 2
The writing on the buffalo’s horns reads “CDP (the dominant burkinabé political party) lives in Pahin (the town),” showing that even the masks get into the act come election season.

And the last Bobo funeral I attended, which featured some of the weirder masks:
Dingasso 1

Dingasso 3
Schnaps! Did I take this picture?
(and note the mask’s red-green colors and gold star… Burkina’s flag)

Dingasso 2
Finally, we have this unexpected and charming interloper mounted on a horse/camel/phallic symbol. For those of you who can’t recognize him, it’s Pope John Paul II.

SOON(ish)! Stories and images from across West Africa. The adventure will thrill and amaze!


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